Shipping statistics

Detailed statistics about costs and address quality

Easy-to-understand statistics give you valuable insights into your letter-mailing activities and your address quality. Pingen also provides detailed cost breakdowns across time periods and destination countries.

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Shipping statistics
Address Quality France
Address quality
Letter Mailing at a Glance

Detailed insights into your letter mailing activities

These statistics provide you with valuable information about the quantities and the destinations of your letters. Using various filters, you can access in-depth information about individual time periods and specific destination countries.

Shipping costs statisticsOnline letter mailing statistics
Evaluate deliverability
Assess Address Quality

Analyse & improve deliverability

For each destination country, Pingen shows how many letters couldn’t be delivered by post and what the respective costs were. This gives you a detailed overview of your address quality and the financial impact that may be achieved by improving it.

Control Costs

Track your shipping costs

In addition to statistics on address quality, Pingen also provides informative shipping-cost charts. These give you valuable insight into how your letter-sending expenses break down.

Track your shipping costs

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